Creating new educational pathways for students in the Digital Age

Universities Take the Initiative

Inspiring faculty at universities are at the center of the Technology Pathways Initiative (TPI), creating new interdisciplinary degree programs to prepare more students for an increasingly digital world. These programs are scalable and replicable, by design, to maximize the impact of TPI across campus and across the nation.

Participating Universities

San Francisco State University
San Francisco State University

Biology majors add computing skills to expand their career opportunities in the Digital Age.

San José State University
San José State University

Biology majors study computing to enhance their career prospects in bioinformatics.

University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley

Interdisciplinary degree programs to broaden the diversity of future technology leaders.

Photo credit: Paul Asper, SFSU

Photo credit: David Schmitz, SJSU

Photo credit: Steve McConnell, UC Berkeley


Interdisciplinary majors in Quantitative Biology and Cognitive Science integrate computing into education pathways.

California Polytechnic State University
California Polytechnic State University

A Bioinformatics Cross-Disciplinary Minor adds computing skills essential for 21st century careers.

University of California, Riverside
University of California, Riverside

Interdisciplinary computing degree programs
create education pathways to
careers in Applied Data Sciences

Photo credit: Courtesy of UC Davis

Photo credit: Courtesy of Cal Poly

Photo credit: Courtesy of UC Riverside


TPI is about cross-campus collaboration. Educators developing new interdisciplinary curricula and teaching methods. Shared ideas and best practices. Giving college students a leg up in preparing for their tech futures. Check back soon. Sign up for our enewsletter to learn more about:

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Cohorts of motivated college women and men are pursuing a new path, together, at TPI participating universities. Integrating computing and information technology knowledge and skills with their fields of study. Career-inspired by industry mentors. Check back soon. Sign up for our enewsletter to learn more about:

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