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The mission of the Center for Advancing Women in Technology (CAWIT) is to increase the participation of women in technology, from campus to career.

Our Technology Pathways Initiative (TPI) brings together university faculty and tech industry leaders to develop new interdisciplinary computing degree programs and to educate more women innovators for the Digital Age.  

Let’s Bridge the Gap


The Workforce Gap

By 2026, the U.S. will have 900,000 computing job openings, but only 450,000 CS Bachelor’s graduates to fill them


The Gender Gap 

Women earn 58% of college degrees, but only 19% of CS degrees


TPI: the 2X Solution

The Technology Pathways Initiative (TPI) aims to produce 2X more women graduates with computing degrees per year by 2020-21

Participating Universities
Participating Universities
Industry Partners
Industry Partners
What’s New
What’s New

Empowering Innovation

  • Technology pathways for college women
  • University-industry partnerships
  • New interdisciplinary degree programs
  • New curricula and teaching methods
  • Mentoring and internships
TPI Technology Pathways Initiative

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