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SAN JOSE, Calif. – February 28, 2019. The Center for Advancing Women in Technology (CAWIT) proudly welcomes Xilinx, Inc., as a corporate sponsor of the Technology Pathways Initiative (TPI), a groundbreaking effort to strengthen America’s workforce growth and evolution in the Digital Age.

TPI is a nationwide effort to satisfy unmet demand for workers with the knowledge and skills required to fill an estimated 900,000 computing jobs by 2026. Key to this effort is equipping more women for tech jobs through innovative campus-to-career programs. TPI has made a significant impact on skilled workforce demand since its founding in 2016.

Faculty from leading California public universities, supported by prominent tech industry sponsors, are creating and implementing new college degree programs that integrate computing with fields of study such as biology, mathematics, and cognitive science—fields with high female student enrollment that benefit from innovative applications of computing technology.

According to CAWIT Founder and President, Dr. Belle W. Wei, “We’ve made solid progress, but there’s more to do. Women remain underrepresented in the nation’s technology talent pool. TPI is a catalyst for systemic and sustainable change, from campus to career, to educate more women innovators for the Digital Age.” Dr. Wei is Carolyn Guidry Chair in Engineering Education and Innovating Learning, and former Dean of the College of Engineering at San José State University.

TPI Universities
TPI universities include: San Francisco State University, San José State University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Riverside, and California Polytechnic State University—six of California’s top public universities and major suppliers of local talent to its workforce. Their faculty are establishing new and self-sustaining interdisciplinary degree programs, and making them available to a broader cross-section of students. TPI aims to have faculty from ten participating universities, whose efforts are supported by industry sponsors, by 2020.

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TPI Industry Partners
Xilinx joins an alliance of tech industry partners that are the cornerstone of the Technology Pathways Initiative. These companies have been sponsoring TPI universities in their introduction of new interdisciplinary degree programs since 2016. Founding sponsors—including Intel Corporation, KLA Foundation and Salesforce—have each contributed $1,000,000 (USD). They also provide support through mentoring, internships, workshops, onsite visits, and other campus-to-career opportunities for college students in TPI degree programs.

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Visit Xilinx online: www.xilinx.com
Visit CAWIT online: www.cawit.org

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